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Understand How To Feel Your Best With Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

July 3, 2016 by  
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A person must experience multiple developmental stages as they pass through life. It is a series of biological changes that happen simply as a matter of aging naturally. Through the assistance of Philadelphia customized wellness programs, an individual can feel their best during all phases of the journey.

Most people begin to experience changes in their hormone levels when they hit the age of about thirty-five. These imbalances tend to become more evident as they reach their middle forties. The more prominent the differences become, the likelihood that they will impact the individual’s lifestyle is increased.

Hormone level fluctuations may cause a variety of symptoms. Some of the more commonly experienced ones, by both men and women, are mood swings, changes in sex drive, fatigue, low metabolism, and frequent headaches. These types of conditions might be attended individually with different medications, or as a whole through the replacement of the missing hormones.

There are basically two main options for individuals who are choosing to replace the missing hormones. One is to take generalized doses of synthetic products which might develop additional side effects. The other is to utilize bioidentical therapy, made with organic materials which exactly match the elements that the body generates naturally.

A major advantage to choosing the bioidentical route is that each product is created using organic ingredients, so there are no unwanted side effects. They are an exact match to the human element down to each molecule. Among the hormones that can be replenished in this way are progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, and those made in the thyroid.

Another benefit is that with bioidentical hormone replacement, each patient is given a dosage that has been formulated in a compounding lab to exactly fill what the individual needs, no more, no less. They can be given in many forms such as creams, pills, capsules, gels, or injections. Before beginning any type of therapy, a person should be sure to consult with their personal physician.

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