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My Dog Isn’t Eating

July 28, 2011 by  
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Worried because your puppy isn’t gobbling up his favorite dish like you’re used to? I know if my dog ever stopped eating, it would be a sure signal something could be wrong. Right now she tap dances on her back legs with joy as we transport her scoop of chow from its container to her bowl. Then she gobbles it up like its about to vanish then right away begins begging again.

While a loss of appetite can be a sign of something wrong, it doesn’t always. It is an area for concern. Below are some possible causes why your dog isn’t eating.

Illness. When your dog isn’t eating the quantity it usually does it is often a signal of illness. Loss of appetite in dogs is generally noticed along with other signs at the same time. Fast veterinary attention is major because it could be a signal of significant illness, including infections, cancer, dental disease, pain, liver problems, and kidney failure. If you are concerned your dog’s appetite loss may be because of sickness, read some of our other articles on the potential illnesses connected with your dogs loss of appetite.

New vaccination. Dog vaccinations can sometimes have negative side effects. This can consist of a short term loss of appetite in dogs.

Travel and unfamiliar surroundings. If your dog’s appetite was normal until you brought him on a trip or moved to a new house, it might be that your dog will not eat because of traveling or the strange environment. This is actually pretty usual. Our dog is very unwilling to any variety like this, and it takes her quite some time to get adjusted when taking her to a new location. Some animals may get motion sickness, and others get nervous or unsettled in new places.

Pickiness or conduct concerns. Our dog is a huge eater, but there is a particular flavor of chow she just won’t consume. It was quite amusing observing her eat it then spit it back out when you take into account some of the other strange items shes consumed that she shouldn’t have. Some dogs are just picky eaters, so you may need to try an alternative food. Another explanation for why they may not be eating is because they’re being fed in situations where they are uncomfortable, such as close to an aggressive dog or from a bowl at an uncomfortable height.

Due to the fact that your dog’s loss of appetite may be caused by illness, don’t delay to have it looked into. If you don’t believe any of the above seem like it could be the cause, and your dog is miserable or becoming sicker or weaker from not getting enough food, visit your vet right away.

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