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Important Points To Consider When Buying Bali Property

July 8, 2016 by  
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If you are looking to buy a vacation or permanent living house, you will love the properties in offer at Bali. There are various advantages that this area offers to investors like real estate, scenic parks, gardens and white sandy beaches. It is important to consider some important tips when you are looking for Bali property to invest in.

It is important to consider how close your property is to the temples in the area as there are regulations and law that stop the development of buildings in close proximity to temples. Despite the fact that there are actual houses and buildings next to the temples it is not advisable to take chances. You should consult the local government first in order to escape any issues in future.

You should look into the issue of the ownership of crops or trees that will be on your land as you plan to buy it. There are some crops or trees that are usually harvested by the farmers although they are growing in your home. This case is common especially when it comes to mango and coconut trees.

The issue of getting building permits should also be considered before you decide to buy land from a certain part of Bali. All buildings that are being constructed in Indonesia ought to have building permits and the same should be displayed prominently. You could be in a position to start looking for the building permit while still engrossed in the negotiations for your land.

You should ensure your house will be well connected to a water supply either from the system or a well or borehole. It would be wise to look at the amount of water available to check if it will be sufficient for your uses. Electricity is another vital thing that you should also consider if it is connected and if the wattage it comes with will be effective.

It would be important to find a honest and reliable notary to handle your transaction in properties. It would be imperative if they are located in the same regency that these properties are located. Ensure that they handle every detail of the transactions over board.

It is also imperative to look into the issue of the ownership of the access roads linking the main road to your property in Bali as you might find yourself without a way to get there. You should check if the crucial link roads are privately owned or they are public. These individuals might deny you access unless you pay some fee and hence you should be prepared for such payments.

If you have any idea of a foreigner who has acquired any properties based in Bali then you ought to talk with them. There are some fees that are charged by some communities to newcomers and they cannot allow you to join them without paying these amounts. It is important to strive being part of the community as it is an area that is focused on community.

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