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                        Company Dynamics

                        You and I have been in the same boat for eleven years

                        Edit:Ju Yuan Wei Views:350 Date:2021.11.17

                        Time flies, time flies. On November 17, 2021, Juyuan microelectronics ushered in the 11th anniversary of the company. The colleagues of the administration and personnel department of the company carefully arranged the venue and prepared rich food for everyone. Suzhou, Shenzhen and Zhongshan are connected at the same time to gather together and share the happiness and joy from this big family.

                        All staff of Suzhou headquarters

                        All employees of Shenzhen Branch

                        All staff of Zhongshan Office

                        First of all, the Han association said: over the past 11 years, looking back, passion and melancholy have never forgotten to help; Looking forward to the distance, glory and dream, we only care about the wind and rain. Fully affirmed the achievements of the company in product R &amp; D, marketing, internal management and other aspects in the past 11 years. Based on the current situation, President Han put forward four ones, one banner, one team, certain conditions and one slogan. Looking forward to the future, we made full use of the existing four ones to formulate new development goals in 2022. Future development is inseparable from the joint efforts of employees. At the meeting, prizes were awarded to the old employees of the company for ten years and five years respectively to thank them for their hard work.

                        At the end of the anniversary celebration, a blind box was prepared - the activity of not forgetting the original heart. The original heart was opened and Juyuan was brilliant! At present, the company has entered a period of rapid development. From a piece of white paper to continuous integration and innovation, we have made our own achievements in the integrated circuit industry. I believe we still have a more wonderful 11 years and a brighter future!