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                        1, JD - senior power supply IC designer

                        Job Responsibilities:

                        1. Responsible for the design and simulation verification of the power supply ic circuit to guide the layout design engineer to complete the layout design.

                        2. Has developed pwm, done ac-dc class ic product designer ***.

                        3. To guide the test engineer to complete the test, guide fae, ae on the chip application.

                        4. The power market has a clear positioning and depth of understanding, to promote the company's product line forward.


                        1. Bachelor degree or above, microelectronics, electronic information engineering related professional, more than 3 years relevant work experience.

                        2. Integrated circuit theory is solid, able to independently complete the design theory.

                        3. Skilled use of integrated circuit development eda software, such as: cadence and so on.

                        4. Can independently design power class ic, familiar with the analog digital circuit simulation.

                        5. Familiar with cmos, bipolar, bcd and other processes, the chip can be analyzed and dealt with the bug.

                        6. Work initiative, positive, responsible, hands-on ability, advanced and innovative thinking.

                        7. Have good communication and coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility, honest and sincere, hard work!


                        2, JD - Power IC department manager / project manager

                        description of job:

                        1. Responsible for analog circuit or mixed-signal power supply IC specification parameters, responsible for building the corresponding module and the overall chip;

                        2. Responsible for the design and simulation of the power supply IC circuit, guide the layout design engineer to complete the layout design;

                        3. To guide the test engineer to complete the test, to guide the FAE, AE on the chip application;

                        4. With the development of AC-DC, DC-DC IC products, with digital power IC research and development experience is preferred;

                        5. The power market has a clear positioning and depth of understanding, to promote the company's product line forward.

                        job requirements:

                        1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic related field;

                        More than 5 years of switching power supply product development and related control IC application experience;

                        3. Familiar with all kinds of AC / DC, DC / DC line structure and working principle;

                        Familiar with IC design flow, methods and tools;

                        5. Has a wealth of positive design IC product experience, and at least independently designed a number of mass production of products;

                        6. Experience in power management IC, RF IC and MCU design is preferred;

                        7. Familiar with the safety regulations of power products, EMC processing and production assembly process;

                        8. The project team's organizational experience, coordination, management ability is preferred.


                        3, JD-MCU project manager (Shanghai)


                        Leading a team to develop MCU, SOC chip;

                        According to the product definition to complete the MCU module design, system design;

                        Responsible for digital circuit architecture design, design document writing;

                        Responsible for RTL level design and simulation, front / rear simulation, logic synthesis, static timing analysis, FPGA verification support;

                        Design verification plan and perform validation tests;

                        Develop new products with analog / digital design teams.

                        Job Requirements:

                        Electronics, microelectronics and other electronic related professional undergraduate or higher;

                        Digital logic 5 years of design experience, at least 3 years MCU design experience;

                        Responsible for 2 to 3 chips tapeout;

                        Familiar with 8051 single - chip microcomputer;

                        Experience with digital SOC design;

                        Familiar with verilog language, assembly language, C language, scripting language, familiar with the commonly used EDA tools;

                        Familiar with the logic design, familiar with the logic synthesis and timing analysis and other digital front-end design method;

                        Can independently complete the design of IP;

                        Experience with FPGA debugging;

                        Have good communication skills, team spirit and technical document writing ability;

                        English 4;

                        Experience with Flash, EEPROM, MTP is preferred;

                        Experience in digital power chip design is preferred;

                        Experience in RF RF chip design is a plus.